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Design approach

There are three main components to planning a renovation project: function, style, and cost. Careful consideration of these components early in the design process will help ensure that you get the most out of your re-design.


You should think carefully about how you want your bathroom or kitchen to function. For example, thinking about who uses the space now, and who will most likely use it in the future, can help you to plan how you need the space to function for lasting use.

Some questions you should consider include: What are the major needs that you hope a remodel will meet? Do you need more counter space? Another sink? Are you planning for a bath you can use for elderly relatives, or for yourself, as you grow older?

For bathrooms, popular remodels including turning a never-used tub into a shower, removing the formerly popular jacuzzi tub, extending a single vanity into a double, and adding storage space. In older homes adding a master bath, or converting a shared bath into a private one and adding a hall bath, is a great choice if space allows. For kitchens, projects often include increasing counter space and adding islands or peninsulas, updating cabinetry, adding granite countertops and decorative backsplashes, and of course upgrading appliances.


Most people are living with out-dated bathrooms and kitchens that, even when new, were nothing special. "Builder-quality" usually means a room that looks exactly like every other on your block. If you’re not yet sure what style you’re looking for, start by looking through some of the photographs on this site, clipping pictures from home design magazines, or taking photos of kitchens or baths you love.

We can duplicate any look you love, or combine elements for a room that is uniquely yours. Do you like old-world charm? Or the sleek, modern feel? A colorful look, or something more neutral? Thinking about what you want the overall style to be will help you make decisions about materials.


Whether you are beginning with a firm budget in mind, or you have a vision for what you want your project to look like and need help planning a budget, cost is important. This is where working with a knowledgeable designer or contractor can make all the difference. We can help you select materials that fit your budget, get the very best price for them, and help you decide where to save money and where to splurge.